Review: Warsawpack

“Stocks and Bombs”
(G7 Welcoming Committee)

One of the smoothest MCs to be spitting on top of one of the smoothest jazz/indie rock hybrids in existence.  Bunch of Canucks out-classin 90% of your best east coast rap-slash-whatever hybrids.  Canucks means Canadian (for the slow kids).  I think you can call them that without pissing them off too much.

Taking shots at the political machine that is the US seems to be a favorite target of Warsawpack.  Hey up der hey doncha-know, we don’t like our countries policies either.  A President we didn’t vote for.  A war fought based on misinformation. Corporations corrupting the fuck out the American dream.  Yeah, we know it, we ain’t stupid.  Just apathetic.  As long as we can still get our Big Macs, fuck it, eh?

So this should fit right in with any of you dissatisfied with the machine, but want to get irie with some funky ass rhythms.  The poetical flow is impressive and when Lee Raback starts to wind himself up, you can just hear his eyes start to bulge out of his head as he stomps rhymes down on your dumbass self.  You almost feel slapped by some of his words.  Brilliant.  Mix in some sassy horns, ass bumpin’ bass and a general jazzy feel of song structure, and you have Warsawpack.  Musically, and intelligently schoolin’ your lazy ass on how much your government blows.  Insights and delights is the flavor of “Stocks and Bombs”.

And nice touch with the card underneath the CD.  It’s a diagram of how, basically a handful of people control dozens of the top corporations in this country.  Greed is worth exposing and Warsawpack are holding a flashlight the size of Canada.