Review: Watch it Burn / Tiltwheel

Watch it Burn / Tiltwheel
“Twice The Dose”
(Attention Deficit Disorder)

It’s funny that Led sings about a Jawbreaker song in the second of Watch It Burn’s three tracks on this split; funny because Jawbreaker appear to be a huge influence on the band’s sound. With a mid-tempo approach to song structure and an early 90’s style of emotional post-punk mirroring Jawbreaker as well as the downtrodden yet energetic music of Samiam (especially the vocals), Watch It Burn essentially reinvent an era of ’emo’ that has recently fallen by the wayside. Tiltwheel not only follows Watch It Burn, but follows Watch It Burn’s lead, with three tracks of similar yet slightly more raw and upbeat alt-punk rock. Davey’s voice adds to the punkish feel with a gruff, street rock tone while maintaining the somber and sensitive lyrical content, which is thankfully less prosaic than WIB’s. Dominated by distorted guitars and driving repetitive rhythms, this disc sees Watch It Burn relying on heavy doses of melody while Tiltwheel let power chords drive the train.