Review: Waterdown

“The Files You Have On Me””
(Victory Records)

Fuck yeah!  This is the kind of shit I’ve come to expect from Victory, head banging jams that make you want to jump out of a car at 50 miles an hour just to prove you still bleed.  Then there’s the tempo changes that can cause you to break your neck if you’re head banging hard enough.

Of course Waterdown tends to falter when it decides to sing melodically, but it’s more of an early Incubus (who used to be cool) type of singing which makes it quite okay (just a little used).  I’m sure this band wouldn’t like being compared to Incubus, but their first album was pretty insane (sorry, brahs).  The guitars are what we’ve all come to expect from the hardcore juggernauts over at Victory.

On top of that,the production on this record stands out because it’’s raw enough not to be over-produced, but certainly has been highly scrutinized.

Funny story, this type of music makes me drive fairly fast so one day I had this record in and I got pulled over.  The cop asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I told him I was just too into the music and keeping up with traffic to notice.  He was a younger guy with a goatee and tattoos, he let me go.