Review: Without Face

Without Face

The music is supposed to be dark, brooding and heavily atmospheric but comes across as melancholy and pretentious.  Male and female dual vocals don’t help matters either since they both tend to drone and hold out on the same notes for way too long.  Somewhat at “earache” dropped the ball on this one.  Typically known for signing intense grinding acts of musical devastation, Earache must have decided to expand their catalogue or somebody fucked somebody and that fucking lead to contracts which lead to me having to listen to this crap because of somebody else’s cheap climax.  The production values on the album are high so whoever took that puerile shot in the dark ended up costing Earache plenty for their carnal misadventure.  Hope it was worth it because what you got ain’t much more than John Carpenter playing the theme from Halloween on a cheap Casio keyboard while would-be metallers provide would-be accompaniment and a would-be CD reviewer bad mouths it all.