Review: Wumpscut

“Preferential Legacy & Music for a German Tribe”
(Metropolis Records)

I’m a yellow flower all comfy in my world of happy sunshine.  Ahh, so happy! Hmm? What’s that on the horizon?! Oh, no it’s Wumpscut! AHHH! (2 seconds pass) Now I’m a shadow burned on a rock from the nuclear blast that is their music. A wonderful 2-disc set, perfect for those of us who would like to indulge in a finer example of agro-industrial music with a definite flair for keeping industrial separate from the gothic bullshit that somehow gets lumped in with this genre.

This is a great introduction to industrial music in its finest form.  Unbelievable samples, machinery at every turn, drum beats from every sort of metal you can imagine, even interjections of piano, and a vocalist who’s voice encompasses a sort of torture and despair rarely seen in such a beautiful way.  Two new tracks, old favorites, original versions, and new remixes of the band’s library cover both discs with a fierce noise that can only be industrial music.