Review: Your Enemies Friends

Your Enemies Friends
““The Wiretap E.P.””
(Buddyhead Records)

Don’’t you just love when bands have that new car smell.  Your Enemies Friends is a brand spanking new punk band from Hollywood who will quickly make their presence known.  In their short history Your Enemies Friends has toured with a whole spectrum of bands including The Promise Ring, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and Pretty Girls Make Graves.  There’s one thing for sure, this band does not sound like the typical punk band.  They take it old school by creating anarchy in their music, but keep it together by employing keys, using harmonies with both make and female vocals and stray from the typical 1-4-5 punk progression.  If I hear another dressed down variation of that I might start sniffing glue to dummy myself up for the music.  Your Enemies Friends would go great to an old Tool video.  Can’’t wait to hear a full-length.