Review: Celebrity

(Doghouse Records)

The newest Doghouse Records release comes from Nashville Tennessee based Celebrity who after their release of the “Sle.ep” have been turning quite a few heads in the indie world. I have an affinity with any band ballsy enough to be based in the city with country hall of fame, but these kids rock the party somewhere other than the farmhouse.

Celebrity is no walk in the park either, pay attention as they create dense melodies and elevate their sound ala one of the true classic 90’s bands The Ropers and match their wave-like instrumental assault with inspiring straight from the gut vocals about things you care about. For those of you still in the woods, think U2 guitar rock of the 80’s and 90’s about 10 to 15 degrees to the left placing them somewhere near Abandoned Pools.

The title track, “Lovesick,” is by far one of the better songs offered here and if Celebrity can build on this sound I expect a number of albums in my collection. Expect this band to get a huge push out the gate, but their middle market appeal might take a little while to catch on.