CD Review: Christiansen

“Emphasizing Function Over Design”
(Eulogy Recordings)

What’s with Louisville, KY? Is it just me, or does this seem a whack place for all this cool emo indie rock to be spewing forth from? I have never been to Kentucky, but I hear they have good chicken. They have Christiansen and they ain’t bad either. Not as good as Kentucky Fried Chicken, but hey, definitely not as greasy. Rather, Christiansen are more clean, earnest indie rockers who have a rather used formula and repeat it endlessly here, but don’t offend with their sameness. The hope lies in the bands willingness to weave together many parts and movements to each song, so if you don’t like this verse, the next one will probably be a little different, so it’s got some spice. Touches of their scene-mates Elliot are evident (Kevin Ratterman of Elliot actually helped them release one of Christiansen’s first demos). The singer has an approach that is rather disjointed from the music that’s going on around him, but he’s capable of sincere pleading melody and a dash of angst, but never abrasive (similar to Chevelle’s singer). Some more creative moments shine through when the guitars attempt to see how well they can mash two trickle run guitar rhythms together and mange to keep the song moving forward at the same time. Christiansen’s best trick is their stop/start, slap and run riffs that catch the listener off guard often. This comes with a high sense of drama and it seems something drearily serious is affecting Christiansen. Perhaps it’s living in Kentucky.