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back to DVD reviews home Artist: Colin Andrews Title: Alien Sign: The Message Label: Waterfall Home Entertainment

For those yearning for a more scientific approach to the extraterrestrial theories suggested by the Mel Gibson movie “Signs”, this is the answer. Colin’s Niagara of data, fast-paced delivery and infectious enthusiasm will give even the most jaded critic pause to think. Andrews differentiates between simple circles “known” to be caused by the peculiar meteorological “vortex” effect with more complicated designs of unknown origin and known hoaxes. Most explosive in Andrews’ delivery is special photography to review invisible landscape features aligned with crop circle formations, activities in the highly restricted Solsbury Hill area and molecular analysis. The DVD includes a slow motion view of a vortex-induced formation in action, but it is not made clear whether this is documentary footage or a re-enactment. Just the plethora of circle formations Andrews present in excellent photography makes this a wealth of art. There is a gallery of these images on the CD.

Tom “Tearaway” Schulte