Review: Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid
“Turn It Around”
(Facedown Records)

I wish all hardcore albums sounded like this. Reminiscent of Bane and Strike Anywhere, Comeback Kid’s “Turn it Around” pounds out relentless hardcore action while keeping a bit of freewheeling harmonies and barking sing along action throughout. The first track, “All in a Year”, rips masterfully through clean and sensible sounding hardcore, with vocalist Kyle Profeta sounding a fair amount like Russ from Good Riddance. The rest of the album tacks back and forth between metalish chords and speedy hardcore beats. The action is furiously quick and periodic breakdowns keep the breakneck pace from spiraling out of control. While the lyrics aren’t particularly insightful, focusing mostly on clichéd hardcore themes of letting go of the past, staying true to the movement or whatever, etc, they don’t come anywhere close to the point of distraction. “Turn it Around” is an album that will appeal to just about anyone and I suggest you pick it up without further ado. And get me a burrito while you’re up, would you?