Review: Vomitory

““Revelation Nausea””
(Metal Blade)

Fast, brutal: Death Metal. Non stop aggression from start to finish, the only respite is the silence between tracks.   The major downfall of the wall of butchered sound put out by Vomitory  is the almost inaudible lyrics, which are so quite they almost fade completely off the tracks.  Most of the time they  become more of a background growl for the music.  Grrrrrr….Raa!  Raa!  Well no one ever said it was  Shakespeare. Not as extreme as legendary creators of the brutal death sound; Deicide, Revelation Nausea is slightly less all out, a little less punch packed in the sonic fisticuffs.  Which isn’’t a bad thing, but when your trying to be the fastest or the heaviest, or the most of anything, you had better make damn sure that you are, or else you just become a pale comparison. Pretty much Vomitory is what you would expect them to be, a Swedish death metal act that has bounced around in the “underground” for a little while, and now has been signed to a major label.  Which means that some of the noisy fury gets toned down.  The album has a held back feel, like they are way better live, and have a hard time reproducing that in the studio.  Precise, but oddly mixed, making the guitarist’s strumming pattern stands out over the actual notes.  It got better the louder my stereo was turned up, and by the time my neighbors were knocking on the walls, I had found the real power of Revelation Nausea, volume!