Review: Cougars

by bushman

Not much is known about Cougars. Hailing from Chicago, or thereabouts, this 8-man rock armada is crafting horn infected indie rock with a passionate twist. Guitars and bass pound out loose string odes to rock, while horns run up and the down catchy hooks that mark out the shifting climaxes of each song. The vocals come across with an urgent shout and brawling tone. Some keyboards add to the noise just to make sure there is an avalanche of sound. Cougars often threaten to veer off into uncontrolled chaos, but continually weave that rocking hook or melodic horn line in there to keep everything rushing together as a unit. Only one CD on the streets entitled “Nice, Nice” can be found through Go Kart Records and an EP is scheduled to come out in May on Thick Records. The “Nice, Nice” full length shows an incredible debut that surges with a rocking tenseness not seen since the early days of Rocket from the Crypt. Cougars take a looser, indie rock approach here, which reflects the Midwestern soundscapes that have a louder, more angular approach to the guitars and low rumbly bass. Since the band is relatively new, not much can be reported on back stage hijnx or the deviant sexual behavior that an 8-man band indulges in, but musically, the band is creating something that will put them on the map if they can bring it to the masses live. One of the bands to watch in 2004 without a doubt. Stamp it approved.