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Deaf skateboards is a small company just getting their feet off the ground. They make quality products and have a sense of individuality and humor. The company is owned and operated by skateboarders who are true to the heart. They represent skateboarding and life to the fullest. One of the best things about this company is that the riders are actually deaf. Brian Werner, founding owner, is a deaf skateboarder with amazing talent. He is a mix between Mark Gonzales and his own rampage of skateboarding creation. Alex bland is the other rider on the team. Deaf as well, Alex is as amazing as any pro out there. I can’t imagine what skateboarding feels like with no sound-distractions; no clickity clack of cracks, no pop sound as an ollie occurs, but after skating with these guys I realized it does nothing but ultimate focus. They offer hearing plugs for a taste of what soundless skating feels like and a line of other great products. If you ever get a chance to skate with the deaf squad, feel lucky to have skated with pure fun and the true meaning of skateboarding.