Review: Pig Destroyer /  Gnob

Pig Destroyer /  Gnob
“Split Release”
(Robodog Records)

Pig Destroyer: Blast.  Scream. Blast.  Metal.  Fast.  Scream Scream Screeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.  It’s a grind/blast/metal thing of lightening fast proportions.  It’s all shoved up your rectum like a first night in prison.  Fresh meat.  That’s what you feel like until the Stooges cover of “Down In The Street” comes in clear as shit (with sludgy distortion on the guitars).  He should treat his voice this pleasantly more often.  Pig Destoyer are immensely fast and metallic, but with a sloppy edge (and sloppy recording budget to match) so this comes off very underground and pure.  Pure grind noise, mostly.  Excecuted tightly to raise the appreciation for those who like to be assaulted by their music.
Gnob:  A really shitty spastic punk band.  They all seem to be playing a different song at the same time.  Lots of childish movie samples to blend in with the purely moronic vocal approaches.   What’s funny, is that you’d swear they have no idea what they are doing, but then simultaneously chant some nonsense together so this is actually rehearsed stupidity.  I guess it takes some level of talent to go as fast and abstractly as they do, but this is the band in the garage next door you wish would give it up.  Soon.