Review: Diesel Boy

Diesel Boy
““Rode Hard and Put Away Wet””
(Honest Don’s Teen Pop Divas)

My friend Brett loves Diesel Boy.  He couldn’’t believe his good luck when he found a CD of theirs he didn’’t have in the used bin at Just Play Music.  Much to his dismay, Brett suffered the ultimate letdown-a lame techno DJ had hijacked the moniker Diesel Boy and was peddling his crap around in the guise of punk rock.  Brett, rest assured because the real Diesel Boy is back and better than ever.  “Rode Hard” showcases the band’s maturation as musicians while still capturing the sophomoric hi-jinks they have become synonymous with.  Uber-producer Ryan Greene (Lagwagon, NUFAN) got the boys of Diesel to put together everything a punkrocker could possible want: songs about Anna Kournikova, Cameron Diaz, and Alyssa Milano for the teenage boy in all of us (“Stroking My Cat”), sappy love ballads for the teenage girl in all of us (“Waltz of the Disappearing Girl”), and the humor we’’ve all come to expect from NorCal’s finest (“Emo Boy”-quite possibly the funniest song since The Vandals’ “Power Mustache”).  Clocking in around 35 minutes, “Rode Hard” is a little on the short side but all fifteen tracks have something to offer.  Brett, don’t look for this one in the used bin, buddy-it’s a keeper.