Review: Dismal Euphony

Dismal Euphony
““Python Zero””
(Nuclear Blast)

Well its good to hear someone expand the boundaries of power metal, Python Zero starts out as a strange mix of gothic infused power metal and tends to drift away from the power side of things as the album progresses.  Though never completely distancing there sound out of power metal, Dismal Euphony has a heaping portion of gothic and assorted other sounds in the mix.  At times categorization fails, and Python Zero  just stands alone, other moments find them making the transition to goth metal.  The guitar work has a hollow sound because the reveb is turned up, but not to the point of sounding like Dick Dale.  Not hyper-showy, the guitarist know there own limits and work within their realm of ability.  The first track, “Critical Mass,” might catch you off guard with the use of blast beats, about the furthest departure from them realm of the usual.  The drums were excellent through out the entire album, sold, in fact rock steady, they are just great.  Use of blast beats later in the album, on “Birth Reverse,” have a gothic/black feel, sounding like Cradle Of Filth. Dismal Euphony’s vocal styling a really different, mostly dependent on mid-range female vocals, and on thick low male vocals, the crapy and boring sounds that bog down most power metal are absent.  The limited use of electronics were tone tastefully and appropriately, making an interesting break on “Needle.”  “Plasma Pool” was another unexpected track, opening up with black metal vocals, and a unique approach to death metal. After the intro, things settle back down into more gothic/power metal groves, but damn if it didn’’t cause surprise.  Any fan of power metal should challenge them selves a little with Python Zero, and fans of gothic metal definitely need to give this a listen.