Review: Dr. Know

2001 - Habily: What Was Old Is New
Dr. Know
““HABILY What was Old is New””
(Cleopatra Records)

Those of you not familiar with the Nardcore Scene would do well to pick up Dr. Know’s new release.  Oxnard (Drano spelled backwards with a silent “X”), Ventura’s swarthy cousin, spawned a plethora of punk bands way back in the Dark Ages known as the 1980s.  Acts such as Ill Repute, Youth Brigade, and a host of others burst onto the scene with a distinct sound all their own-thrashy, down and dirty punk with an old school attitude and flair.  Dr. Know, years after the demise of the original outfit, have resurfaced with a new lease on life-as well as a new guitarist by the name of Craig Mendez and Eric Vasquez on skins.  The heart and soul of the band, vocalist Brandon Cruz returns with a vengeance, spouting political rhetoric on “El Salvador” as well as blistering such old favorites as “God Told Me To”.  After multiple listenings several of the songs wear out their welcome, as Dr. Know’s thrash-punk style eventually fails to surprise.  Nevertheless, fans of gritty punk in the vein of RKL and Threatened Hope will not be disappointed.  Oh, and I live in Goleta, which is “ate log” backwards.  Go figure.