Review: Dropkick Murhpy’s / The Business

Dropkick Murhpy’s / The Business
““Mob Mentality””
(Taang! Records)

Dropkick Murphy’s have been around for years, and strutted along on the fine line of cool punk/sellout punk.  You know, the people who bag on Swingin Utters because they are ‘too popular’ or ‘too big’ still rock to Dropkick, while the 16 year old next door with green hair and listens to Pennywise also has DM’s CD “Gang’s All Here”.  Kind of wierd. Speaking of wierd, here’s a duel album by Dropkick Murhpy’s and The Business.  No, they don’t sing love duets, just play each other’s songs, along with a few covers. It starts off a bit slow with the title track, Mob Mentality, but picks rightup. A very cool album, but buyer beware, if you dont like either of the bands, well you dumb shit, you wont like this album no matter who is playing whose song. Duh.