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I don’t even know where to begin…like it’s not bad enough Fearless put out a DVD celebrating the neo-Devo ska monstrosity that is the Aquabats, they had to make “Serious Awesomeness” a two-disc DVD. Yeah, that’s right. Three hours of a bunch of fairies and their horns on stage, followed by these same fairies performing skits that even that no talent goat guy from SNL would turn down. Rather than sit here and talk shit about “Serious Awesomeness”, I’ll just give you a blow-by-blow account and let you draw your own conclusions: the fun starts with a live show, where the spandex clad Power-Rangers sing/skank/prance about for what seems like a really long time, all the while loony kids with questionable taste in fashion/music stage dive between songs. That’s right, even when there’s no music these rabid fans are so stoked they have to keep dancing and diving to prove their love of the Aquabats. Great. Following the woeful live show is a band history, a music video, and another music video, the second of which will leave you retching on the floor, remote control in hand. Disc Two brings more live-show shenanigans, including ancient footage of the guy that’s now the drummer for Blink 182. Boy was that ever a smart career move. OK, I tried to stay impartial but I just couldn’t. Three hours of the same joke over and over again is just too much.

Brian Greenaway