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Do you know anyone who digs Maiden? Procure them this DVD and they are your metal slave for live, guaranteed. Check it, this is basically EVERY Iron Maiden video. I’m sure there are some weird bootleg or one-off rare things that might not have made it onto here, but for all practical purposes, 31 videos, in order, reaching back to their first videos for “Women in Uniform” and “Wrathchild’ when the band featured Paul Di’Anno on vocals. But by the 3rd video, “Run To The Hills”, the classic Maiden lineup takes form and the viewer can then, literally, watch the bands career, image and sound develop through the years almost up to the current day direction. Keep in mind, this band never broke up (something they are proud to point out every time I see them live), so this is no retrospect on some old school 80’s metal band. Rather, a video summation of what these, one of the core founders of metal, have accomplished in their most influential career. As the clichés go, this one certainly applies: For any Iron Maiden fan, this is a must have.