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back to DVD reviews home Artist: Various Artists Title: The New England Metal Hardcore Festival 2003 Label: Trustkill Purchase at: Amazon

One of the premier gatherings of hardcore and metal in America commemorates its 5th year with a packed DVD. Hosted in Worchester, MA and drawing crowds upwards of 5000 people over two days, the event is a significant contribution to the scene. Captured here courtesy of the fine folks at Trustkill, is a good dosage of what was on the bill. While not capturing every band, a good balance of what this festival brings to the masses is represented. Like most DVDs that feature various artists, the sound quality is tolerable at best as the logistic for live recording each band is impossible in this setting. There is probably a certain amount of expectation on the viewer of this DVD that they know most of these bands so a pristine live recreation isn’t entirely necessary. Bands were shuffled onto a couch to get “interview” snippets to fill in around the live performances. Unfortunately, they didn’t ask very good questions, as most of the bands stumble through some forgettable dialog. Some bonus live performances included on a second disk round out the real reason someone would value this DVD. Namely, it has a lot of quality bands. Standouts and name-dropping: Nora, Shadow’s Fall, Kill Switch Engage, Unearth, The Haunted, Atreyu, Eighteen Visions, Lamb of God, Meshuggah, Haste and Himsa are among the better of the 27 artists featured.