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Anyone who went to college will probably remember the parties, the girls (or guys if your into that), drinks and occasionally the drama that accompanied being a student. MTV has done a pretty good job of wrapping all that up into one nice little package in the form of the animated series Undergrads. All the typical stereotypes are represented here as main characters. You have your jock (Rocco), the guy who appears gay but gets the girls (Cal), the computer nerd (Gimpy) and the shy guy who swoons over one particular girl (Nitz). The series is a pretty accurate portrayal of collage life, tackling subjects like roommates, girls, drinking, virginity and fake ID’s. The characters are pretty funny to watch and there’s a small part of you that’s rooting for each one to succeed in some weird way. This is a cool 2-disc set of each of the episodes from the first season. I must admit I was apprehensive at first but then after watching it I became a fan of the series, something that doesn’t happen with many TV series. After watching a couple episodes I’m sure you’ll be a fan too. Now if only Nitz would bang that chick Jessie we could all sleep a little bit better at night. I mean come on she’s hot and he hasn’t even laid a finger on her!

James Wright