Review: Eminem “The Eminem Show”

“The Eminem Show”
(AfterMath Records/Shady Records)

With layers of vernacular manipulation encompassed in every track Eminem has again massacred mainstream hip-hop. His latest release “The Eminem Show” delivers the best of what this battle rapper has to offer. Nobody can fuck with the lyrical delivery and scatterbrain thoughts of Shady. Though he has slowed his flow down on this album it’s only to the satisfaction of his fans. Eminem has something to say to the corrupt capitalistic keepers of our so-called free America. With the first track titled “White America” ya know what’s coming. He gracefully, then abrasively puts his foot up the ass of democracy. For all of you socially conscience heads that waited for Eminem to use his fame to make a social statement, the wait is over. This album is polluted with vile hits on our government leaders and mainstream music gatekeepers. He addresses what we have all been waiting for him to address.

“The Eminem Show” reflects an agitated more mature Eminem finally willing to dissect his heart for public viewing. And don’t think for a minute that Dre fell off with the beats. He complimented every lyrical hit with a beat that reverberates in your soul so sweetly that ya can’t keep your toes still. Dre will forever rein as one the most dominant and influential rappers and producers in this glorious world of hip hop. Let’s just hope Shady will continue to partake illustrious duty of assaulting the world vocabulary laced with Dre’s beats. Because from the words dictated on “Say Goodbye to Hollywood” Slim is making a personal choice as a father and person to do what he feels is right. But enough about the possibility of losing one of the greatest rappers to ever breathe life into a track, let’s return to the show.

You feel like you really spent the day with Marshall Mathers as you sink deeper into the sub conscious world of the “The Eminem Show.” In fact when ObieTrice (of D12) and Eminem rocked “The Drips” I felt like I needed to go to the clinic with them. You can’t escape the apparent messages he’s ramming downing throat. Spin the CD once and you know what it’s like to be Shady. Every track is hot; your cranium will be dominated by Shadie’s thoughts after you indulge in the linguistically magnificent songs of “The Eminem Show”. For all my real hip hop heads you know what the gift to gab is about, and Shady leaves you no doubt that he is one the greatest MC’s and producers to every grace our ears and shit on the industry.