Review: Euphone

““Hashin’ it Out””
(Jade Tree)

Instrumental CDs often present quite a problem for music reviewers.  Or, at least for myself.  For me, songs without lyrics always end up sounding alike; I can’t tell when one ends and the next one starts.   Such is my dilemma with Euphone.  A euphone is a pleasant noise, and I must admit they do sound quite pleasant.  These fellows are the latest in a long line of quasi-surf jam bands choosing to go sans vocals on all thirteen of their tracks.  While lots of catchy little riffs and unexpected quirks abound, I still felt like I’d missed the point after I’d listened to the disc.    Sure, it sounds sort of calming and might make decent background music, but other than that, who cares?  The Euphone’s musicianship isn’t questionable, as Ryan Rapsys, the heart and soul of the band, rocks everything from the clavinet to the bass to the drums-obviously a Renaissance musician.  Nonetheless, I feel like these jam bands largely lack relevance outside of a buddy’s backyard barbeque.  But that’s just me.