Review: Eyehategod

““10 Years of Abuse (and still broke)””
(Century Media)

Noisy Sludge-core/Doom at its finest is the easy description of one of New Orleans’s seminal southern serving of thick as mud take on Black Sabbath.  A more experimental version compared to hometown mates Crowbar (who was immortalized as “fat music” by Beavis and Butt-Head), this is uglier, nastier, and a lot grittier.  This disk is actually a compilation of unreleased material including four demo tracks and a couple of different live sets.  Live and demo leans towards low quality recording, and things can get a little dicey capturing such feedback-drenched sounds with out good quality recording equipment.  Sometimes songs go dim and do a speaker dance: both, left, right, left, both, left, right, both, left, right…  Often losing any sense of time, the plodding sound oozes at length, but just as suddenly goes to a frantic mid-paced assault. The ominous and foreboding wall of feedback overlaying thick bass and meaty drums creates the bulk of Eyehategod’s heaviness.   Propelled by southern fried grooving riffs, this is a juicy combo of loud and intoxicated music.  The CD has some great looped intros with blatant drug references like  “smoke a little grass, play a lot of music.”  Be prepared, your friends might not be as welcoming to the high-pitch feedback  wails of Eyehategod.  My girlfriend wouldn’’t even let me listen to it with her in the car.  BONUS!!!