Review: Fairweather

““If They Move…Kill Them””
(Equal Vision)

Smart enough to recognize hook and melody, but manage to chunk it up enough to skirt past the edges of the emo label.  Each song has lots of little bridges and build-ups.  The tension is created by having the dual guitars set up their big chorus chords while having one guitar work a single note rhythm, while the other guitar and bass group a foundation around it.  Theirs a pop punk hook, but Fairweather seem to cater to the short attention span youth by hitting them with about 15 different parts per song.  There is enough repetition to find the verses and feel the structure so the listener is never lost.  I’ve a feeling the general Fairweather sound might lend to some dismissing as another indie rock band going the way of emo, but this album is good from the first listen and doesn’’t tire easily, so the song writing is there.  The band is good at mining their formula because they’ve found a good thing.  The edges need to find a more focus (the constant duality of guitars gets a bits busy behind the vocals at times and becomes distracting) but the constant striving to keep the song interesting is noticeable.  By the way I loathe hand written lyrics you hardcore art fags.  It looks cool but gives me a headache when I’m trying to figure out what the hell you are yelling about.