Review: The Family Dog

The Family Dog
““So Cal Hardcore””
(El Pocho Loco Records)

Dogs of the World, UNITE! The Family Dog’s debut record, SoCal Hardcore scorches from beginning to end! The songs have an intensity that hasn’’t been heard on disc for quite sometime. Formed in 1999 by guitarist Monty Messex (of DFL fame) the lineup includes Chad Daly (vocals), Gil Bonus (guitar), Matt Geiger (drums & didgeridoo) and Rob Galvan (bass & vocals).  The guitars form a wall of sound that will harm a  listener with repeated listens. The rhythm section pulsates with a groove that will make a pit dance. Lyrically, the songs deal with the harsh reality of being an individual in a sheep -herd society. “Pissboi” deals with “a punker from the old school”  and then reveals “It was 1998”. Each song has a truthful, sometimes humorous look at our society and its ill wills. Signed to the Voodoo Glow Skulls’ new label El Pocho Loco Records after only 6 months of rehearsing and gigging  in early 2000, VGS guitarist Eddie Casillas recorded,  engineered &  produced this album, adding a live in-your-face feel that can only be more intense live. In a perfect world this would be a #1, multi- platinum release! Catch them while you can!