Review: Fear My Thoughts

Fear My Thoughts
“The Great Collapse”

The clean chorus/delay drenched riff which opens this album sets a certain mood where you just know shit is gonna blow, and it does. The first track “Velvet” is definitely the highlight of these 10 cuts of market fresh metalcore. If you’re familiar with Lifeforce records, this latest offering doesn’t fall too far from the family tree; hardcore as interpreted by euro metalheads. The results on this outing are pretty successful. There’s lots of melody in this music that thrashes through riffs that reflect a variety of styles from the pool of today’s popular metal. Three of five band members provide vocals for the endeavor, wrapping their vocal chords together to produce some gruesome growls and some scream yourself hoarse hardcore venom. Like the opening guitar riff, the boys end this album with another solo instrument, only this time a piano, closing the book on what is some really well written metal. My only gripe is that I feel like I’ve heard this all before, but in their defense its hard to be original with metal bands being spawned like a Gremlin with his foot caught in a sprinkler. I don’t know how many times this will make it into my stereo in the future, but it’s definitely worth at least one spin in yours.