Review: Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu
“Go For It…Live!”

Some raw, live Fu. Served up best with lots of volume. As does all good rock and roll. And this people, is some good rock n’ roll. Guitars rip. Bass rumbles. Drums boom. All while images of the SoCal 70’s lifestyle are painted in drawled rocking prose. It’s hotrods and skateboards. It’s open stretches of highway at 120 mph. If you like your rock pure, consider this the guy who has connections at the border. Yeah, it’s about as close to the source as you are gonna get nowadays. Think big ol’ Ted Nugent 70’s guitar rock, flexing on the guitar solos for sure, but streamlined into a faster tempo Black Sabbathy rock structure.

As for this particular package of Fu, you trade a little studio clarity for some live energy. It’s two CD’s deep boasting 22 tracks of this riff driven rock and roll. Choice cuts: “Hell On Wheels” opening disk no. 1 and “Evil Eye” sets a good pace for the start to disk no. 2. A couple of older tracks for the longtime fan like “Ojo Rojo” and “Wurkin” from the 94-95 era Fu Manchu.

And a generous helping from their albums “In Search Of…”, “King of the Road” and their latest “California Crossing”. As for packaging, they definitely skimped on the cover art and the jacket’s only surprises are pictures of a couple of the cooler Fu Manchu flyers. But musically, it rocks expectedly.