Review: Future Shock

Future Shock

The Art of Xenos- Entertaining Aliens”

Future Shock entertains aliens with syntactically correct hip-hop (go get it and decide). Positive in all they preach, this crew will probe your soft brain matter with the ultimate question, then slap with the ultimate answer. Guest appearances by the SolSeekers, Sup The Chemists and DeepSpace5 mutate with hard-hitting flows spit by Ajax, Soldier and Ahred (though Sojourn’s battle skills and overall lyricism seemed contained and reserved at times).

From lyrical content to beats, this album exemplifies the essence of true hip-hop in all but one way; it is pivotal that a crew transcends barriers (which they do in many respects). Though the album is remarkably well constructed and produced, the capabilities of these emcees does not compensate for the weaker tracks. This crew always comes equipped with conscious lyrics but those three or four (the album has 17) tracks with weak beats or hooks presents the relevant question of validity, pertaining to the notion, “They’re entertaining aliens with the art of Xenos”.