Review: Haystak

““Car Fulla White Boys””
(Street Flavor Records)

As soon as I saw the ad for this LP, I wanted to buy it just to see how wrong Murder Dog Magazine was when they called Haystak “the tightest white rapper to ever touch a mic.”  Whatever Murder Dog might say, Eminem and Everlast are safe, but Haystak puts in solid work on “Car Fulla White Boys.”  Self-described as “poor white trash / from the wrong side of the track,” Haystak comes from Memphis, TN, singing the praises of Red Lobster and Waffle House.  The album is heavy on the sound of the Dirty South, but occasionally changes it up with some West Coast-style G-funk.  The in-house production is repetitive and decidedly on the hook, but to its credit, it never overshadows Haystak and the beats match the rhymes.  As for Haystak, his style is versatile and convincing on most tracks.  His southern drawl fits the roles of the fat mack on “Need It Get It” and the badass rapper on “Reckon” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” while he shows heart on “Wish You Could See Me” and “Dollar,” a Tupac-influenced joint.  The lyrics are straightforward- you won’t find any crazy wordplay or off-the-wall metaphors on “Car Fulla White Boys.”  Haystak can tell a story, though, and rest assured that Mak Million from Memphis is “serious with this / like a massive heart attack.”