Review: Holdstrong

““Color of Old Memory””
(Pin Drop Records)

Do you ever wonder why some hardcore bands include lyrics within their jacket liners?  I don’t think I understood one single syllable of Chris Berthiaume’s lyrics, what with the crushing guitars, loud drumming, and heavy bassing.  But I still liked it.  Holdstrong blasts through all twelve tracks on their latest release from Pin Drop Records like Tiger Woods from a fairway bunker.  Unabashedly loud, mercilessly unrelenting and to the point, “Color of Old Memory” is not for the occasional dabbler in East Coast hardcore.  Fans of pummeling, guitar-driven hardcore will definitely want to pick this one up.  While a bit more variety on the tracks might have been nice, Holdstrong nevertheless turns out a quality product, full of angst-filled sonic explosions.  However, let the buyer beware: Expect maximum damage to your eardrums if you play this one too loud and/or maximum damage to your larynx if you attempt to sing along.  Assuming, of course, that you can make out the words.