Review: The Incredible Moses Leroy

The Incredible Moses Leroy
““Electric Pocket Radio””
(Ultimatum Music)

The Incredible Moses Leroy recently performed at a San Diego street festival, where he closed the set with a earnest rendition of “Sunshine on My Shoulders.”  A latecomer, wandering by, was overheard to ask, “Is that Ben Harper?”  There’s admittedly a resemblance, but Moses Leroy is closer to Sean Lennon, minus the sarcasm.  Leroy (real name: Rob Foutenberry) has an undeniable charm.  Though the album’s first single, “Fuzzy,” is already reaching for radio saturation and may become this summer’s annoyingly ‘omnipresent “Steal My Kisses,” it’s difficult to dislike.  The pervasive sweetness is disarming.  Anyone who can pull off a line like, “You are soft and cuddly / And you are warm and fuzzy” with perfect straight-faced sincerity and pair it with “Let’s paint the town red / Like Carrie” deserves some measure of appreciation.  Weezer comparisons come to mind.  For all its conscious cuteness, “Electric Pocket Radio” is best described as post-modern easy listening.  It makes for very pleasant background music, but none of it is particularly memorable.  No worries for Leroy, though; what with the heavy airplay and an upcoming Gap ad to his dubious credit, he’ll soon be beaten into the collective cultural consciousness.