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INTHEVISUALZ – interview by farr

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How many of you have been down since you started?
Everyone in the cru has been down since we decided that we were gonna be a cru and do this seriously.

How often do you guys do live shows?
As often as possible you know what I mean. It’s going pretty good right now, but there’s always room for improvement.

Based off your skills, how often do you catch practice?
Everyone pretty much labs on their own time, but we try to get together as much as possible, usually pulling all nighters over the weekends.

I personally have only heard the “Smoke Signalz” CD, the shit was tight. Do you have any older or newer work on the radar?
We got a previous EP called “Mental Criminals” Some side projects with other artists from our label (Harsh Reality and Buddha), some upcoming shit with Mantis, and some solo and duo side projects from heads within Inthevisualz as well. We are also in the process of dropping some singles and side projects with some other Diego heads. Keep a look out. Peep the website, we got all that kinda info on the info page.

Who does all of the production? Do you ever work with outside producers?
So far most of the production has come from heads within the cru, but we do work with other producers. “The Drifters” album dropping soon from myself (Azma Instigator) and Switch Griffens features production from grips of SD heads.(Gods of Wicked Minds Cru, J Won of Dialectx Cru, Habit from the 909, Maestro from People Like Us Cru, ZGS from our Cru (Inthevisualz), and myself). We are always willing to listen to peoples shit and maybe work with ’em.

What’s your view on the state of hip hop now?
It is what it is. There are dope cats, and there are wak cats, and there are cats in the middle. There’s the surface cats and those who take it deeper. Hip Hop is so big now that it can be so many different things.

Does your crew have a DJ?
Yeah, our DJ is the ONE and only “DJ Ironic” aka “Nicholas Crates”. Most of our recorded shit has been strictly Ironic, but we are always down to work with other DJs. For the most part it is Ironic though.

What do you think of freestyle vs. written word?
Each one is a craft in itself. None should be taken lightly. You better come with it with whichever one you choose to come with at any given point in time.

Does you cru ever have inner tension? Do you guys ever battle?
Of course there is inner tension. But nothing serious. We don’t really battle each other, we just clown on each other. Just to keep each other on our toes at all times.

Do the Inthevisualz have any rivals or haters?
As far as rivals, we don’t have any enemies, but as far as haters are concerned, they are everywhere so probably, but that never concerns us. We don’t make music for them.

To all the heads checking for Inthevisualz…
Don’t sleep on us. Peep the website Don’t sleep…