Review: Jersey

““The Battle’s Just Begun””
(Fueled By Ramen)

When someone says Jersey, I think of Newark airport and that awful smell that seems to hover everywhere in that state.  I’m pleased to say that now I’ll have an image for the word that doesn’t completely stink. Ok, picture this: Unwritten Law after a couple shots of testosterone, add a chick to sing occasionally and you’ve got Jersey, the band.  This is by no means a put down. These guys are punk- a bit on the girly side at times, like when they’re singing, “At school, you were looking so fine, you’re the only girl for me.” But hey, San Diego is the land of Blink 182, so we shouldn’t really point fingers.  “The Battle’s Just Begun” is sung by the female quarter of the band and I’ll be goddamned if she isn’t one of the long lost members of the Go-Gos.  There are a few more pure-bread, punk songs on “The Battle’s Just Begun”.  Songs like “Glass Dick” and “809” are evenly balanced on that fine line between new and old-school punk, but when it comes down to it, how much originality can a band in this genre create? Sometimes they sound like Pennywise, sometimes I’m thinking Green Day in the “1000 Hours” era, sometimes they jump the ska-wagon.  Just imagine any variety on the punk sound that you’ve ever heard and you’ve got the eclectic mix on Jersey’s “The Battle’s Just Begun”.