Review: Jughead’s Revenge

Jughead’s Revenge
““Pearly Gates””
(Nitro Records)

Joe D., Joey R. and Brian Priess are still at it after all these years.  The three original members of Los Angeles’ Jughead’s Revenge still blend the metal edge into the fast and drivey punk rock onslaught that made this band what they are and have been.  I used to see these guys play at a little club (old warehouse, really) in Gardena, California called Velocity Studios.  I admired these guys for their original sound, and whirlwind live shows.  I still do.  “Pearly Gates” is definitely not, “It’s Lonely At The Bottom” even though it is still full of the same angst and aggression – just a little bit more refined.  “Faust Part 2” sounds like the band I admired in my youth, and “No Time” is full of the “dreams” and “hearts” that only Joe D. can pull off singing about.  Joe D’s deep, throaty voice is still swirling in and out of the bad ass guitar playing of Joey R.  “Rising, Rising” is a trip down memory lane, with its Poison Idea inspired guitar work and authoritative vocalization.  “Swell” is a surf tune with a metal Jughead’s crown pitched in for good measure-a cool piece that highlights the talent of this versatile band.  “Kill Security” launched out with the old “Fuck Shit Up” attitude and didn’’t stop.  I’m glad to see that these guys haven’t turned rap metal or started singing about growing up or life as teenagers in a rich neighborhood.  “The guys that think they’re cool are losers anyway” Joe D. sings on “You never Know”-he’s right, and Jughead’s Revenge hasn’’t lost a step and are cool.