Review: Keepsake

““The End Of Sound””
(Eulogy Recording)

Crossing the melody of hard-edged emo punk rock with a slight dose of super abrasive scraping scream and chunky metalcore riffage, Keepsake mix sandpaper in with the sugar.  Crisp distorted guitars that can do the indie rock picking rhythms, and when the singer decides to move you with some melody in his voice, you can’t help but draw a concerned look on your face like and nod in agreement like you feel his distress.  Gotta love a band that can play music that would work for a band like Elliot, or Saves the Day, but then the singer comes in and just rips out his throat.  But there are poppier moments mixed here plenty like the verses of “Girls Don’t Know” which fall into a dual vocal play that you Braid fans should appreciate.  Emo-core works good for this because Keepsake actual have that core angst wrapped up into more melody than their distress knows what to do with.  Keepsake can’t help but write the sweet hooks, and just to make sure they don’t get beat up for being to emo, they kick up the edge on their guitars (which they should do more often).  The more standard pop rocks of “The Negative Space” sound done, until they hit the bridge where they do a faux heavy single note pound, but its just a teaser and back into the sappy hook.  “And you play your games… better than I play my guitar” from crisp cut and pick rocker “Math Is Wrong” shows the dry wit and sarcasm delivered through the pain of Keepsakes primary lyrical influence.  Chicks.  Ah, what a wealth of creative urges they spur in us sucker musicians. Thankfully, they inspire Keepsake and they can deliver more of this edgy emo indie rock with the cool guitar interplay.  You know how to tell if a band is “emo”?…all their songs are about the chicks they fucked over, fucked them over, or are just too much a wuss to figure out if this is the chick for them.