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KITTIE – interview by mike bushman


In the quest to get up to date on the current state of affairs with the Kittie girls, I was scheduled some chat time with drummer Mercedes. Restraining from the easy to hit, but humorously on target drummer jokes, the interview was rather plain and flat. Might have been due to the fact I was probably the 6th plus interview she had done that day, might have been that drummers due better to bang on things than give deep insightful responses to questions. Or maybe my charm as an interviewer was clouded by my rock star excesses of the day to day Modern Fix lifestyle. Either way, I did appreciate the opportunity to get a little information on the now 3 piece Kittie.

Bushman: The most obvious difference since the last time we spoke, Kittie is now a three piece.
Mercedes: Yes we are.

I’m sure you are sick of explaining this, but for once again for our hardcore audience that refuses to read anything BUT Modern Fix. Why did Fallon leave?
Mercedes: She quit.

She give any reasons?
Mercedes: It’s not really in my place to say. I think the truth will come out sometime soon.

Do you plan on keeping the band a three piece?
Mercedes: Yeah. Actually, we are a 3 piece with a touring guitarist right now.

So as far as the writing on your newest album ‘Oracle’, is that Morgan and you as the core writing team? Was that written before Fallon left?
Mercedes: It was there, but she didn ’t do any of it.

Do any of you consider yourselves an Angelic Whore? (
Mercedes: No, not really. I have seen that, but I never understood the name of it.

“In Winter” (and “What I always Wanted”) shows a dreamy Kittie with Morgan’s voice showing its sweetest touch, but many layers. How is that going to work live?
Mercedes: Talena is doing backup vocals.

Did she do those backups on the album?
Mercedes: No.

How is that working out live?
Mercedes: Good.

I notice the conflict of the vocals – acidic harsh and smooth-like an ‘angelic whore’. Is more defined on the new Oracle album than the Spit album.
Mercedes: I think it’s just the way we’ve evolved in our writing process. It wasn’t really a conscious effort to sound like this or that.

So do you think this album is more representative of Kittie’s sound?
Mercedes: I think so. Now. Yes. Because it’s been almost 5 years since we’ve written anything when we went into Oracle.

Do you think this album is ‘heavier’ than the first album?
Mercedes: Sonically, yes, Kind of. I think it ’s a lot more brutal.

What have you learned as a band between ‘Spit’ and ‘Oracle’?
Mercedes: We’ve learned that we play our instruments for a reason. If you listen to the sounds on the recording of Oracle, I think they are a reflection my personality. The bass sounds are a reflection of Talena’s personality. And Morgan’s guitar sounds are definitely a reflection of her personality. We’ve learned that we are a lot tighter together now. A long time on the road has taught us that practice makes perfect. We’ve been working at this for a long time. We are more of a solid unit. We have learned a lot from each other and feeding off each other on stage.

Are people over the whole, ‘whoa you’re chicks and you play metal’ or do you still have to deal with that reaction a lot yet?
Mercedes: There are still a lot of retarded ignorant people out there. But you know what, it doesn’t really matter to me anyways. If they want to be like that, they can do whatever the hell they want. I don’t really have a theory on what they think.

Does your family still act as management and road crew?
Mercedes: Yep.

Do you date musicians? (And how does that work with mom and dad on the road?)
Mercedes: Sometimes.

Tour plans?
Mercedes: We are going to be doing a tour in of the US in January to places we missed in with the last tour. And in February we are going back to the UK and doing the rest of Europe again.

What would fans coming out to see Kittie now see that they haven’t seen before?
Mercedes: Ahhh, we are playing new songs.

What impressions would you like to leave with the Modern Fix readers?
Mercedes: I love each and everyone of my fans. They are cool. Honestly, they are the people who made me who I am today. So I have to kiss everyone of them or something like that.

Do you get some extreme reactions from the male groupies?
Mercedes: Ahhh, not really. I don’t think there is anything like ‘male groupies’. Can you imagine some guy walking up to you in Spandex?

Mercedes: … like revealing clothing….

Mercedes: …It’s just not right.

Amen. Does it happen though?
Mercedes: No. Because guy’s wouldn’t wear revealing clothing.

So, if you are a male groupie and want to get the attention of Kittie, show up rocking some tight spandex and a shirt with sparkly things. For you music lovers, bring some earplugs because the new Kittie is, as Mercedes says, ‘more brutal’. And you gotta love a 3 piece of metal girls that shoot for ‘more brutal’.