Modern Fix

LOADER MILK – by bushman


On a tip from a local promoter, I was advised to swing down to Cane’s to check out a band called Loader Milk. Word has it they just got signed to Dreamworks. The band hails from the Seattle area and its evident in their indie-rock come Weezer peppy alterna exchange of clever rhythms and jangly rocking guitars. The crowd was rather thin tonight, as the band took the stage in their sweaters and skinny ties. Credit to this unit, they poured out their set. They seemed genuinely happen for the opportunity to play for some new people, and as they progressed from song to song, the band loosed up and gave out much more energy than there was to feed off from the politely attentive crowd. A couple of numbers got the hooks the labels are looking for, and the squeaky clean kids should have another name to scribble on their notebooks.