Review: M-Boogie

““Laid In Full Chapter 2””
(Ill Boogie Records)

Producer M-Boogie promises “straight heat” on his second “Laid In Full” underground hip-hop compilation, and he delivers.  In terms of subject matter, the featured MC’s rarely stray from battle rhymes criticizing weak mainstream hip-hop, but they deliver some real bangers along the way.  ERULE’s scientific “Mind Wars,” Akbar’s old-school-flavored “Hot Ya Hot (Remix),” and Terror Squad member Triple Seis’ bouncy “New York, New York,” all produced by M-Boogie with cuts by DJ Revolution, stand out as particularly strong tracks.  But the joint that single-handedly makes “Laid In Full Chapter 2” worth the price of purchase is female MC Jean Grae’s hilarious “”How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend.”  Jean Grae (aka What? What?) will have you laughing out loud as she lists crazy ways to get rid of your better half (number “one-four / make the back door / your only position”).  All joking aside, M-Boogie puts it down nice on the occasionally repetitive but always solid “Laid In Full Chapter 2.”