Review: Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack
“I Am The Movie”

There are those bands that write a catchy song that everyone is ashamed to admit they like. And then there is Motion City Soundtrack: full blown nerd rock extravaganza. But what separates them from the rest of the nerd rock emo bands is that they really are nerds. Thats the great thing about these enhanced disc’s that come equiped with a complete music video. Just watching the video “My Favorite Accident” is a prime example of how these guys really are band geeks rather than cool kids in the scene.

Songs like, “Indoor Living,” are a prime example of how the skinny boy with black rimmed glasses and tight pants used to be the last person anyone would want to sleep with. Produced by Ed Rose who has mastered the art of nerd rock with such acclaim as The Anniversary, The Get Up Kids, and Ultimate Fakebook ,Motion City Soundtrack songs tend to fall close to the emo tree.