Review: My Ruin

My Ruin
““A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish””
(Snapper Music)

Spinning My Ruin¹s latest release, A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish, is a simple pleasure.  The neo-goth album is solidly crafted with obvious skill, delivering consistently strong tracks one after another.  Fronted by former Tura Satana leader Tairrie B. and featuring a new lineup that includes Downset drummer Chris Hamilton, My Ruin is technically proficient.  Sinuous, heavy guitar grooves are topped with Tairrie¹s exquisitely gutteral growl.  Though she can¹t really sing, per se, she¹s versatile ­ she can bounce between a bat-outta-hell roar and a sensual spoken-word whisper without hesitation.  “Beauty Fiend” is a natural single ­ hook-y and cleverly written with riot-grrl sentiment.  There¹s an excellent cover of Nick Cave¹s “Do You Love Me,” as well as a paean to the late James Lynn Strait of Snot.  This is an album worth owning ­ intelligent thematic structure delivering a satisfying metal cocktail of fury and faith.