Review: Necro

““I Need Drugs””
(Psycho+Logical Records)

It’s a good thing that the people outraged over Eminem’s Grammy nomination haven’t heard this album.  Necro easily trumps Slim Shady in terms of sheer sick-and-twistedness.  Please understand- THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT.  This album features just about everything bad about hip-hop, every reason that people love to hate it. Necro’s rhymes are excessively violent, scatological, profane, pornographic, and misogynistic.  Is there any other manner of offensiveness that I forgot to mention?  The production was the only thing keeping me from throwing this disc out the window.  Necro produced all the tracks, and the beats are undeniably head-nodding, which is a small step towards redeeming his rhymes.  Nice beats aside, “I Need Drugs” is best described as sixty-five minutes of lunatic ranting (the track “Cockroaches” is a perfect example).  In fairness to Necro, however, maybe we should consider that his insanity probably results from the joking he must have endured for his lisp.