Review: A New Found Glory

A New Found Glory
““Nothing Gold Can Stay””
(Drive Through Records)

For those of you who love the “sweet punk” revolution that is powered by pop-punks and the whole emo-meets-hardcore movement, you will love A New Found Glory.  Singing about love, friendship and other high-school themes, there sound is a tad bit more diverse than others in the genre, but basically consists of that teenage, baby-faced MXPX sound. “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is the follow up to the Florida natives’ “It’s All About the Girls” EP and is comprised of energetic love songs like “Hit or Miss”, “Tell Tale Heart” and the very informative “It Never Snows in Florida”.  Pretty much all of these songs will appeal to younger listeners who are likely to spend hard-earned allowance money on just such a collection, but they may also appeal to older fans who are nostalgic for sweeter, innocent ideas about love.  A New Found Glory’s sound varies from simple, three-cord Green Day pop-punk to the slower, thicker riffs of songs like “You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania” and “2’s & 3’s.”  This diversity is integrated into a solid, consistent sound that is more developed since their last album.“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is an energetic, pop-punk album from a band that shows a lot of promise and I’m predicting that they’ll attract a gaggle of adolescent fans while on tour with Face to Face this fall.Vanessa Lops