Review: Nocturnal Rites

Nocturnal Rites
(Century Media)

Power metal is way oversaturated these days trying to be the next Iron Maiden or Judas Priest.  Nocturnal Rites is different in that they don’t even want to be like that. They do what they do. Not copying anyone or any style. This Swedish band brings metal up to date. With metal making (or trying to) a come back, these guys are at the top of my list. Progressive metal. They even use a guitar synthesizer. With lyrics like, “slit my wrists and watch me bleed, tighten a noose around my neck” this is metal in the name of bands like Riot and Rainbow. Catchy leads, killer rythems, and haunting keyboards make Afterlife truly “progressive” metal. These guys have come a long way since starting in 1990 as a trio. Check them out.