Review: Nothing Yet

Nothing Yet
(Seven Drunk Nights Music)

It might be easy for me to brush this aside as another post-punk era NOFX-esque southern Californian rock trio, but by doing what is easy, I’d be selling this small wonder of an album far, far short.  With a range that dips into all the following (Police fashioned early eighties rock, aggressive metal, hard-edged political punk) and manages to throw it into the blender of pop sensibility (or non-sensibility) and have it come out to form a tight well-orchestrated album, I give this effort accolades.  Nothing Yet’s riffs crunch forward on fast up-tempo beats that should get even jaded rockers to bob their heads, tap their toes or wag their cocks back and forth like a metronome.  Album highlights include the poppy, brattily sung kick-off track, “Maldita Sociedad” that even features a sparingly used trumpet to help punch things up, and the heavy, earnestly felt, “Airplane Crash.”