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PARIS – interview by farr

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After 6 hours and an estimated 75 photos later Paris and I had covered the yards, pits, drainage ditches, billboards and other various spots in an attempt to compile a comprehensive portfolio of the gifted graffer. Unfortunately, due to the retarded, ass-backwards policies of our close-minded police and transit authority the only way most people will enjoy this art is via photo. The majority of the graff spots are kept on low for various reasons but if one keeps an observant eye while parading around Diego they might catch Paris throw-ups and pieces burning bright on lifeless cement structure that suddenly begin to speak to passers by after Paris breathes life into it with his paint. After my tour Paris and I spent a some time burning blunts an politican but once the idea arrived to do an interview we where 5 blunts into the session and well…

How long have you been throwin up Paris(ite)?

” Since 98″

Is graffing a political statement or a social statement?

” Both.”

Is hip hop the biggest influence on you while your actually graffing?

” Yup”

What do you rock?

” Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, Big L….

Are you to high to do this interview?

” (Pause)…I’m (pause)…just a little high. “