Review: Piebald

Killa Bros and Killa Bees
(Side One Dummy)

Nerd-rock perfectionists Piebald have struck again with a cleverly titled and fairly progressively… retrospective release. To clarify, “Bros and Bees” is really a double bonus: a CD with 17 rarities and b-sides plus a DVD jammed with enough outtakes, concert footage, and general goofery to declare that Piebald is entertaining in more ways than just through the art of song. Musically, “Bros and Bees” is a compelling effort, but the unique vocals of singer/guitarist Travis Shettel and the band’s unmistakable songwriting style render the album, expectedly, off of the beaten path. Piebald explores a vast range of the available sonic landscape from straight-forward rockers like “Waste Your Time” to the lo-fi track “Cities.” After four full-length releases, let it be known that crafty songwriting and diversity still characterize Piebald.