Review: Poor Rich Ones

Poor Rich Ones
““Happy Happy Happy””
(Rec 90/Five One Inc.)

I pop the CD in the tray, press play and…..Radiohead? Na, it’s a pop/alternative band from Norway called “Poor Rich Ones”.  This happy quartet (now trio) produces rich tones that give the listener candy for the ears.  Very heavily Radiohead influenced songs attract alternative fans while the smooth, soulful vocals will bring any pop fan to their knees!  Mark Trombino (Blink 182’s producer) shows that he can produce just about anything.  “Happy Happy Happy”, the bands third release, introduces itself with a very cool “Twins”.  The funky intro delivers itself into a striving frenzy which stokes the fire in one’s soul.  Strong harmonic vocals and beautifully constructed guitar parts bring out the band’s versatility in “New Lullaby” and “Things to say when you’re not here”.  Driving guitars and brilliant words drives “High Flyer”- a song to listen to, lie back, close your eyes and fly away.  “Happy Happy Happy” has a very “happy” vibe indeed, which makes it such a great album to put on if you need some cheering up.  “Poor Rich Ones” is definitely representative of the beautiful country from which the album brings itself.