Review: The Postman Syndrome

The Postman Syndrome
(Now Or Never Records)

This is a stunning debut. Teetering on the fence between schizophrenic and cohesive, incorporating a wide variety of musical ideas into a well-played rock album. Influenced strongly by Tool and System Of A Down, the band utilizes diverse sounds heard on Radiohead, Cave-In and even Hopesfall albums, all the while maintaining a high level of originality through the use of three guitars and a constant mix of vocal styles.

The interesting part is how each listen reveals a hidden thought or sound without sounding too abstract or fragmented. And it will take several listens in order to appreciate all this disc has to offer. Prog-rock music designed by Midwest indie kids and performed by classically-trained nouveau metalheads is the best way to describe the sound. Definitely unique. Kudos.